Professor Art Kohn


Professor Art Kohn is an internationally recognized professor, keynote speaker, columnist and consultant. Professor Kohn helps organizations apply insights from Science and Technology to solve their organizational challenges.



Professor Kohn is an acknowledged thought leader in the areas of brain science, learning, marketing communications, and behavior change. He and his team help organizations modernize their marketing and training programs by teaching them to incorporate scientifically proven processes and technologies.

Dr. Kohn’s keynote speeches inspire organizations with the rich possibilities of brain-based communication. In turn, his workshops and consulting teaches organizations how to apply his proven methodologies to quickly leverage this knowledge into marketing and training programs that change behavior and generate ROI.

Art is is a highly approachable speakprofkohn1er who is committed to improving the way organizations communicate with their customers and with their own employees. Outside of science, Art has worked as a professional actor and an NCAA umpire (Big 10 and ACC). He lives in Portland, Oregon and in his spare time, he loves spending time with his family and playing Ultimate Frisbee.