Engage, Inspire, and Transform

Professor Kohn has presented to hundreds of corporations around the world. In each case, he brings passion and the insights of brain science to help organizations solve their specific problems.

profkohn4Professor Kohn works with organizations in a variety of ways:

  • External Consultant
  • Keynote Presentations
  • In-depth full-day workshops
  • Fully ineractive webinars
  • Hosted training events


Professor Kohn’s presentation topics include:


  • The Neuroscience of Learning, Retention, and Transfer
  • Microtraining: Challenges and Opportunities for a New Generation of Learners
  • Video as the New Print: Training in the 21st century

Booster Training and Cultural Transformation!

  • Burst and Boost: A comprehensive Plan for Modern Training
  • User Booster Training to Maximize Retention and Training ROI
  • Beyond the Booster: Strategic Behavior Change and Creating the Organization You Want


  • How the Brain Decides: Transform Marketing Through Brain Science
  • Controlling the Mind of the Buyer: Psychological Techniques that Make Customers Remember You


Professor Kohn works with the world’s finest companies