We need scientific literacy!

Did you ever hear the claim that people only use 10% of their brain? As you probably know, this is a myth that has is believed by a dangerous number of people. If you believe it, you need to read this article from the reputable Scientific American… or at least this wikipedia page.

These myths are being born every day and recently, Microsoft of Canada published a “research article” in which they claim that digital media is causing people’s attention span to decrease and they assert that it is now shorter than that of a goldfish. This claim has enormous curb appeal, and it was picked up by major news outlets. The problem is that the claim is patently untrue. The online UK-based fact-checking site, Ministry of Truth, did a great job tracing the claim’s long history and discovered that it is no more than an urban myth, based on no real scientific evidence.

More recently, I published an article in Learning Solutions Magazine showing the scientific fallacies behind the claim.

We need scientific literacy. Check out the articles if you get a chance.


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